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Hey, if you don't mind me asking, what do you think of Ren & Stimpy? (I personally love the first two seasons, I have them on DVD) I was watching it earlier today, there's a special feature where you can watch one of the episodes as JUST a pencil test, it's really cool. The animation is lovely.

Yes! I loved that series, even though it freaked me out on occasion. I still remember with fondness (horror?) Ren’s psychotic episodes and Stimpy’s child. Who is a fart that came out of his body.

And being able to watch an episode as a Pencil Test? Epic Awesome. :)

What is Night Vale? Why does it sound like the Twilight Zone?

Yes! But in the form of an audiocast. It’s about the goings on in a sleepy town called “Night Vale” as told by a fictional character named Cecil. It’s mostly creepy and mysterious stuff rather than outright horror and gore; so like Twilight Zone.

I think the show rose to prominence due to LGBT representation in the form of Cecil’s character as well as its quotability. The fandom bit into it and as you can see, there are tons of fanmedia revolving around the series.

The nice thing about it is given the fact that Cecil is ambiguously described, artists can go wild about what he looks like, but you can expect the Popular Tumblr Artists (PTA) to lay out the versions that the fandom will most likely accept as the definitive version.


She should be able to. It’d be a pain in the ass if she can only eat/ drink from a specific shade of red :)


Hey. I need to ask you something. On DA, how do you upload a freaking pic? I've been trying to do it but it won't let me. You seem to know how. I guess I could just google it though...

Click “Submit Art”


Pick your artwork


Select if it contains mature content or not. (Required) 

Select category.

Click Submit Now.


The only other possible reasons why you can’t upload is that your network prohibits you from uploading stuff, or that your connection is so slow that submission times out. or your file is too big or of the wrong format. It can be anything. Try posting in the forums for help.

Don't call him ungrateful. He was mentally unstable. He shouldn't have been in the building at the time to be honest, he may have forgotten to take his meds. Also apparently the message of not being alone in a room with him wasn't spread through the building well enough, apparently this was the second time he did it and that's why they had to take action. So he wasn't "ungrateful".

adventuretitan replied to your post: So yeah, I’m late into the game and I …

shit went crazy dude, all sorts of writers talking about it and supporting the victim, but still got your assholes banging on about “mental health problems”

He may not be ungrateful, but he sure as hell dug his own grave as far as his career is concerned.

Too bad he can’t use Diminished Responsibility as a defense, given that it was abolished in California. He must face the consequence of his actions.  

So yeah, I’m late into the game and I just heard about what that guy did to that girl over at Cartoon Network.

When you have one of the biggest things to ever happen in your life, you’d think he’d be more… grateful.

Well done on the new comic Matt. Dark undertone, deep canon analysis and just enough of a push to keep us on the edge of our seats yearning for more :)

Heh, thanks :) I don’t think I’ll be doing a comic for Breezy anymore though. The episode seems to foreshadow future stuff rather than have a story that’s missing and needs to be filled in.

And in case you (or anyone else asks), I won’t say the result of the pregger tester. :) The doody of the writer is to reveal meaning, not define it. 

You know Princess Bubblegum could probably pull a James with Root Beer Guy and it might make for an interesting episode about how Cherry Cream Soda reacts. Though I think PB probably does understand the difference between RBG's situation and James', since James possibly wasn't very close with anyone else.

I’ve been thinking that with “James II” PB is probably more wary about cloning Candy People. Clone James started abusing the system and only really proved himself out of sheer dumb luck. :)

As much as I want him back, a “Comic Book Death” for RBG doesn’t sit well with me. I’d feel as cheated as when they just gave back Finn’s arm as if it was nothing. 

Though AT is what made me an active analyst, my first introduction to fictional analysis was the game/anime Persona 4. I'm playing it right now and I completely remember why that was the case. This game also introduced me to the social justice movement on Tumblr. That was both good and bad considering how defensive people in the fandom can get over the sexuality/gender identity of my two favorite characters. But it did make me more aware of LGBT issues as a whole

I may not have played the game, but I absolutely adore Persona’s lore. Tarot cards? Shadows? Archetypes? All of these scream “Jungian Psychology” of which I love for its mysticism.

In fact, your avatar, Tatsumi has one of the most fascinating Companion quests with his confusion over his sexuality. Even his Shadow reflects an aspect of himself that he doesn’t want to admit and covers it up with a tough-guy attitude.

I’m glad you’re not embittered with the SJ movement. Some people just end up worn out and annoyed with all the trumpeting and misguided anger, that the good intentions become lost in the stupidity.